Concrete Art..

May 15, 2010

To most people the word ‘concrete’ provokes thoughts of cold, hard, and uninviting yet one of the most common places you’ll see concrete these days is under your feet. Concrete has become the material of choice for so many designers around the world for a number of reasons ranging from its aesthetic capabilities to its health benefits. It no longer has to be grey and boring, in fact concrete can be so uniquely designed or colored to seamlessly blend with the rest of the space that oftentimes you don’t even realize it’s a concrete floor you’re standing on!

I started paying attention to concrete as a flooring option a few years back and been a huge fan ever since. I love how it gives the room that industrial lofty look yet could still be toned down to bring out the more warm and classic elements of the overall design. And with my continuous hunt for more sustainable and eco-friendly design ideas I really love that concrete is probably one of the most green, durable, and energy saving materials out there.

[Images via:]

Gorgeous motifs by Transparent House


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