Black is Back!

May 25, 2010

Black walls can create elegance in any room. No, let me rephrases that: Black walls can create elegance in any room when done right. First of all do it tastefully…  unless it’s wall tiles in the bathroom do not use black on all the walls! Make sure you choose the right walls in the right well-lit rooms of the house.. trust me lighting makes the biggest difference. Choose the rooms with the most sunlight and paint the walls you first see when you walk through the door. This should add the illusion of distance and make the room feel larger that it really is.. so yeah don’t worry about it if you have a small room, it can still look gorgeous. Set the black off with some contrast… I’d go for white.. add it in the upholstery, the trims, wall hangings, or all of them! .. And lastly go for the matt finish, the gloss will only highlight the imperfections in your walls.

I say get your renovation projects rockin and go with the black cuz no other color can make a better bolder statement of daring, drama, glam, mellow, sophistication, and comfort.

Here are a few of my favorite picks..

[Images via: decor8, Apartment Therapy, Feefeern]


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