Matthew Finlason

June 2, 2010

If I were to make a list of the most talented people by specialty, Matthew Finlason would probably… no I think definitely be my choice for home staging! He’s so good and so very creative he knocks my socks off every time.

Taken from his bio “Matthew Finlason is a maverick designer, art director, and producer of film and television projects. The award winning host of HGTV’s television series ‘The Stagers’, Matthew is renowned for staging and transforming interiors.. into show suites that has established him as the premiere home-staging expert in both the design community and the real estate industry.”

I started following Matthew Finlason’s designs and became a fan right after watching the first episode of HGTV’s Stagers show. I immediately fell in love with his artistic style and hip approach to staging and how he creates a story and a lifestyle out of the most dull spaces. I am always impressed by his eye for art and how he chooses just the perfect art pieces for a room be it a funky chair, a gorgeous lamp, or a mesmerizing painting you just can’t take your eyes off of…. And most of all he has the most warm, unpretentious, and inviting personality and a super entertaining energy that watching him on the screen is simply a breath of fresh air!

Some of my favorites:


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