Empty Frames

June 3, 2010

Empty frames do not work for all space so I’m not gonna recommend that you go that direction right away… First of all be mindful of the style of the rest of the room (or sometimes even the house). Empty frames typically do not fit into super modern minimalist spaces because they could look a little cluttered, but could look great with eclectic or even classic interiors. Also the color palette is very important, sometimes it’s good if you go matchy matchy on color, which is normally the case with classic design when your style is more on the everything blending together in luxurious harmony kinda way.

[via Row House]

Other times going rainbow would create a very interesting focal wall out of the frames especially when the rest of the room is designed around one single color (like all black, all white, etc.) and/or the overall theme is a collection of different styles.

[via Real Simple]

Of course there are always exceptions!

[Designed by the super talented Nacho Polo]

Bottom line, designing with empty frames could be a recipe for design disaster or could be a budget friendly solution for spicing things up a little, so make sure they fit in the “big picture frame” of the room first!


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