Nacho Polo

June 4, 2010

Very handsome and extremely talented.. Originally from Madrid, Spain, Nacho Polo has designed some of the most beautiful spaces I’ve ever seen. He established his practice in Miami Beach from which he’s currently spreading the magic between the US and Europe.

Here are some images from Nacho’s own residence in Spain… after all what’s better way to show a designer’s true style and beauty of work than his own home right?

I featured one of the elements in this Madrid home design in a previous post but couldn’t resist sharing the rest of the house.. so let’s indulge!

This house screams elegance in every corner. It looks like a million dollars but still has that inviting homy feel that makes you just wanna grab a book and curl up by the window on a lazy late saturday morning. I love how it preserves every memory of the original historical architecture yet looks like it belongs to no other time but now… The simple ying yang color palette is working wonders in this design. The extreme contrast adds that airy feel and seamless energy flow between the rooms and brings them together in the most glamorous way. Absolutely d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

[Images by Andrea Savini – via: Yatzer]


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