A walk-in heaven!

June 10, 2010

The ultimate spacious totally glamorous walk-in/dressing room with all your shoes beautifully showcased, all your purses neatly sitting on the shelf, your jewelry just can’t get more organized, and you don’t have to spend forever trying to put an outfit together… [big sigh!].. Isn’t that everybody’s dream?

Inspired by the lovely Desire to Inspire blog I hope these walk-ins can give you inspiration, eye candy, anything for your daydreaming/procrastination needs….

They’re so hard to find but here are a couple of masculine designs for you gentlemen!

[Images via: 1. Lovely Clusters 2. Country Home via Desire to Inspire, 3. Mochatini, 4. Sunset via Desire to Inspire, 5. Lovely Clusters, 6. House Beautiful via Desire to Inspire, 7. Canadian House & Home via Desire to Inspire, 8. Better Homes & Gardensvia Desire to Inspire, 9. Light Locations via Desire to Inspire, 10. Lori Dennis via Desire to Inspire, 11. Furniture Fashion]


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