Bertoia Diamonds

June 10, 2010

A versatile modern-classic design by the infamous Harry Bertoia, a bertoia to the chairs world is black to the colors world! You can match it with any style and any chair design and pair it with any table. Bertoia chairs are simple but strikingly handsome addition to a bedroom, living room, office, kitchen… you name it! .. and most of all they’re vintage, recyclable, and hence super eco!!

Interested? You can get new ones at Knoll (the original producer) but if you’re looking for vintage check them out on ebay, Craigslist and in city antique stores.

[Image credit: 1. back_garage via Desire to Inspire, 2. Marie Claire Maison via The City Sage, 3. House to Home via The City Sage, 4. At Home with White by Atlanta Bartlett, copyright Ryland Peters & Small via The City Sage, 5. Living etc., 6. Jay Nuhring via Desire to Inspire, 7. Domino via The City Sage, 8. Domino via The City Sage]


2 Responses to “Bertoia Diamonds”

  1. domusmodern Says:

    I love the blend of modern pieces with more traditional ones. The Bertoia is such a great chair! We have two red and black Bertoias, and they look fabulous!

  2. Thanks for sharing domusmodern. You have a cute collection!

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