The Eames Lounge

June 12, 2010

My all time favorite chair! definitely not the prettiest seating option out there, but it has this eccentric stunning beauty that’s made it one of the most famous chair designs of the century and an ultimate choice by interior designers worldwide for over 5 decades now…. I guess that and not to forget its renowned extra comfort of course! .. The Eames chair is truly a never-will-go-out-of-style chair that perfectly blends in with any design from old fashioned traditional to the most visionary modern. I think it was the best part of Frasier’s apartment, don’t you agree?

[image via: Flat Hopper]

[Image via: Irish Blogger]

[Image via: Desire to Inspire]

[Actress Jennifer Carpenter’s home via O at Home magazine]


2 Responses to “The Eames Lounge”

  1. gorgeous photos! what kind of camera do you use?

    xxoo, Julia

  2. Hello Julia, I didn’t take these photos. I’ve included underneath each one of them a link to the original source… hope it helps! :)

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