A treat for your eyes and your feet!

June 15, 2010

Nothing brings a room together like the right area rug! Area rugs are that special touch of color and style to showcase your unique taste and help you personalize your space.

This Dia Rug is one my top favorites! Made of the finest New Zealand wool woven into heavy duty felt that’s cut with a laser before being glued into many layers. With its gorgeous designs, pop-of-color twist, and water and dust resistance, this Dia rug is the ultimate focal point for your room and if you treat yourself to one I’m sure you’ll have it for a very very long time! – Get this rug on MOHO DESIGN

Another favorite is this Ethereal Rug designed by Esti Barnes and you can get it in any size or color on Top Floors. Such a gorgeous and timeless work of art!

and if you have a soft spot for colorful patterns here are a couple of picks for you:

The handcrafted Lacework by Amy Butler

Hand tufted Zinnia by Galbraith & Paul


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