Amy Butler

June 15, 2010

Okay… I couldn’t resist the temptation! Being a huge fan of her and her team’s super talented and creative work, I had to give Amy Butler her own post.. To me personally, Amy Butler is one of the most inspiring artists! I love her passion for her art and how it so effortlessly comes out and is clearly felt through her bold designs.. She has you covered from paper cards to area rugs to bedding to wallpapers and everything in between… anything you can design with color and pattern. That type of refreshing design that’ll make you happy just looking at at!

So… picking up where we left off here are more gorgeous area rug designs.. All her rugs are handcrafted and made of the hand-tufted and dyed 100% New Zealand wool..

Amy Butler Rugs - Acanthus + Georgia

Amy Butler Rugs - Coventry + Temple Garland

Amy Butler - Morning Glory + Wallflower

Moving to Amy Butler’s 100% organic bedding.. these stunning collections are designed to layer print on print to make a statement with low-impact dyes and come with 400 thread count sheets.

Amy Butler - Bedding - Bucharest & Constanta

Amy Butler Bedding - Sari Blooms & Full Bloom Paisley + Dancing Paisley & Dancing Garden + Coventry

On to Amy’s adorable and stylish every day fashion bags:

Impress your guests with dazzling and colorful tableware.. and perhaps even match the colors of the food on the menu a little?

+ some great gift-wrap for all occasions:

Amy Butler - Tableware + Giftwrap

Paper crafts & Desktop collection:

and adding some more inspiration…

Amy Butler - Inspiration Board

You can find all of these and sooo much more here..


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