June 26, 2010

[Image via: A Life’s Design]

What’s better than spicing up your walls a little with creative display of your favorite, most natural, most personal art pieces: your family photos??

Old or new, formal portraits or snapshots.. family photos can really add that personal touch to your space while making your family’s favorite memories and experiences, and the smiles of those nearest and dearest to you a part of your everyday…

My personal favorite way involves careless mixing and matching and layering of different frames and different time.. on the wall and on the floor…  Like your other art pieces, you have to stick to no rules displaying your photos.. just be happy reliving the captured moments and let your creativity lead the way!

I hope these give you some inspiration..

[Image via: Canadian House & Home, image credit to Room & Board]

[Image via: the lovely photography blog Janna Beecher – Original Domino]

[Image via: Martha Stewart]

[Image credit to Laura NovakDesign Aglow]

[Image via: Pottery Barn]

[Image via: A Life’s Design]

[Image via: Desire to Inspire]

[Image via: Pottery Barn]

[Image via: Remodelista]


3 Responses to “Fotofun!”

  1. Shaima Says:

    love them all..there is nothing better than having photos of the best memories all over the house

  2. Great post. I’m so afraid of committing things to walls that I end up doing nothing!
    You have inspired me to at least start thinking about it:-)

  3. The great thing about hanging photos on the wall is that when you get bored after a while you can simply just change the photos and spice things up with new experiences and more fun! I’m glad you find it inspiring! :)

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