It’s laundry time!

June 26, 2010

My Sunday morning laundry plans are putting me in the mood for new ideas for laundry room organization. I think the laundry room is just as important as any other room in the house and including it in your design projects could actually make the chore a little easier. Okay I know it could be challenging if you barely have enough bedrooms in the house, but you see the good thing about laundry rooms is that you don’t really need that much space… even a “laundry corner” would do with the right organization cuz you can make use of your wall space and move vertically… it’s one of those times you should calculate wall space into your square footage!

Anyway… starting off with a place for everything and everything in its place kinda plan through the right utilization of storage space and options, adding some natural sunlight, an inviting cohesive color palette, and some decorating touches you can really take your laundry space a long way and turn a boring “unprocrastinable” task into an enjoyable breezy experience.. here is how:

Starting our review with the smaller spaces.. you can fit a cute laundry space in your sunny attic!

A built in in a low traffic area

Or behind sliding doors in the kitchen..

Make it a part of another room.. perhaps a sharing arrangement with your home office/craft room?

or the hallway to the backyard..

But if possible, unleash your creativity in a designated room!

This one below is my all time favorite… I just love the functionality, the ample storage space in the built-in cabinets and just the perfect pieces of accessories!

Another modern and functional space..

Plenty of storage and gorgeous stainless steel backsplash

A little more laid back design with the pretty wallpaper..

A little on the country side with a lot of folding space..

More storage..

No one needs to know there is a washer in there! Great for dual purpose rooms..

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