Coffee tables..

June 29, 2010

[Image via: Country Living]

Dazzle your guests and give your living room that extra pop of style with an eye catching unusual coffee table. Whether you have a soft spot for flashy colors or like things neutral and earthy, there are countless designs out there and even recycling and DIY ideas you could use for an easy living room makeover that goes a long way!

[De Santis Hand Painted Coffee Table – Pottery Barn]

[Image via: Living etc]

[Nusa – Home Portfolio]

[Graham & Green]

And then some..

[Images via: 1. Silas Seandel Studio – Home Portfolio, 2. Grain of Thought – Home Portfolio, 3. DellaRobbia – Home Portfolio, 4. ?, 5. Bedzine, 6. Promition – Weylandts, 7. Lorna Lee John Muller, 8. Copper & Nickel Plated – Weylandts, 9. Koji Collection – Home Portfolio, 10. Egg Shaped – Weylandts, 11. Pirouette – Weylandts, 12. Lazerian’s Mensa, 13. Teak Root – Weylandts, 14. Caressa – Weylandts, 15. The Sternum – David Ebner]


One Response to “Coffee tables..”

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my tables on your blog, I really appreciate it. I have recently joined Houzz & Pinterest and I would love to connect with you there.

    Thanks so much
    Silas Seandel

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