What to put on it??

June 30, 2010

Now that you have the coffee table’s shape and color all figured out… your next thought is probably ‘what should I put on it??’

Here are some ideas for you:

If it’s a designer one of a kind piece that instantaneously does the job of being the eye catching focal point of the room I’d say just keep it at minimum or leave it without just the way it is… often times you wouldn’t wanna spoil an original sculpted art piece by hiding it under all those accessories! … Cases in point:

But of course there are tons of coffee tables you can show off your accessorizing skills with.. and here is a quick guideline:

You can never go wrong with books!

Add some fresh flowers..

Who said you should only have one coffee table? Arranging side by side smaller tables could look very stylish!

Make sure you play with slightly different heights

Unusual and exotic collections from your travels..

Use a tray on your upholstered coffee table/Ottoman..

A fun decorating way with the kids in mind..

aaand most importantly do not clutter! You still need to leave some space for your guest’s coffee cup!

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