Artsy living – Flavors from here and there..

August 12, 2010

Human art on walls (photography or painting) is just sooo cool, isn’t it? I think it sets a very interesting atmosphere for the room and makes a great focal point and conversation piece..

I also love the cowhide chaise in this one..

Art in frames and on pillows..

Add some books and that gorgeous lounge chair and it’s perfection!

Or a lot of natural lighting, an unusual dining set combination and that WOW fireplace..

[Images via: 1, 2, 3 & 7. Patric Johansson, 4. via Pretty Little World,

5. West Elm, 6. Daniel Hertzell, 8. Bates Masi Architects]


4 Responses to “Artsy living – Flavors from here and there..”

  1. I would not want to look at that woman with the cigar in her mouth every time I sat in my living room.

  2. Yeah I probably wouldn’t place that picture in my own living room either but I still think it works for the space.. perhaps for someone with a super cool personality and a very unusual taste..

  3. I love that first image, the guy in the turban and the silhouettes.
    Still agonising over hanging art in my place though.
    What, where, how!!
    More inpiration needed I think!


  4. I know it could feel like such a commitment.. I’ll certainly add more inspiration! :)

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