More Artsy Living – More art inspiration!

August 16, 2010

In response to some readers requests here are more and more ways and ideas to display that WOW touch of art.. paintings.. photography.. whatever your definition of art is really! Hope you find them inspiring!

LUV the art in every corner of this loft! .. and those chairs.. extra credit and extra AWESOME!

A vertical arrangement in a small space..

A single bold one..

A gallery corner would be nice too!

White creates contrast and brings out the art!

Above the fire place sounds like the perfect spot.. and the dark walls and little contrast create a warm ambiance in this room..

Cool display..

Art on the shelf.. gorgeous molding.. beautiful seating.. the French doors.. and look at that bea-U-tiful deep sea blue wall in the back!!

Instead of a headboard..

On the wall behind your favorite vintage chair..

no commitment no problem! It’d still look great on the floor by your favorite vintage chair!

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One Response to “More Artsy Living – More art inspiration!”

  1. Seriously. Can’t get enough of these images. I just love them all.
    Gotta get me some vintage chairs too!

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