May it be

January 3, 2011

Filled with times for you

to indulge in your favorite desserts like there is no tomorrow!

to enjoy some all by yourself moments..

to drink out of your favorite mug..

to lose yourself with some good music

to dance like a child

to breathe in fresh air and appreciate the unlimited possibilities..

to take that time off

to walk in you favorite heels..

to take that road trip in style..

and if lucky enough end up Paris

to find your other half if you haven’t already..

and perhaps even add little version of..

May this year be filled with new beginnings

may it be your best year ever..

I know I’m a few days behind the crowd but hey we have the whole year ahead of us… Happy new year!


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6 Responses to “May it be”

  1. Hey. Very nice blog. Kept me entertained for the past 30 minutes (when I should have been working :)). Keep up the good work. Number Plates.

  2. where can I find those shoes! I love them!

  3. Thanks Dianna for looking this up… I guess I could skip a couple of nights out and do the $159! ;)

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