Scarf ideas..

October 17, 2011


6 Responses to “Scarf ideas..”

  1. sid Says:

    Will you please post or send me instructions on how to make these?! Very adorable

    • I found those a long time ago not sure. I think the ends are sewed to make a circle. The lace fixed to one side but not sure how the braid is done. Hope this helps dear :) let me know if you figure it out.. I’d be happy to post your diy experience. xx

  2. Kathy Noel Says:

    No instructions? doesn’t help me :( There are great–just wish I knew how to make them!

  3. Dawid Says:

    oh my god! its look great!!!!!!! i love this scarf!♥ how did you do they ? :O

  4. […] I really love how elegant these scarves can be.  I like that these can be used with almost any outfit due to their neutral colors but also […]

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