January 23, 2012

How much I like the bathroom is usually an indicator of how much I like the house! My mom tells me my interest and curiosity goes back to ever since I was a little girl “always asking to see the bathroom” whenever I visited a friend’s or a relative’s house with her. I mean really, if you look back at all those homes and bathrooms you’ve seen in your life, usually there is a correlation, when the bathroom looks and feels nice chances are the rest of the house is pleasant to look at too… and vice versa!  So properly designing, accessorizing, and keeping up this one room could tell a lot about you and your taste…

Also, for most of us, this is the one room we get to lock ourselves up in and enjoy a relaxing time, be it a pampering bubble bath or a warm shower after a long day at work / running around with the kids… Anything less than perfect could just kill the whole experience right?

Below are some random bathroom design picks along with a highlight of the key components to get the look… Hope this comes in handy on your next renovation/redecoration project.. Enjoy!

A simple combination of plain white walls hugging a stacked stone focal wall against stone black floors. Simple luxury in a tiny space!

That gorgeous bathtub by the floor-to-ceiling-wall-to-wall windows…

The earthy touch of the exposed stone wall, matched with the circular basins (that somehow also give the look of curved stones), and complemented with the green touch of baskets and that little plant on the counter top… I also like avoiding an otherwise too matchy matchy look with that modern square-edged bathtub…

The blue-brown-white combination, the simple clear glass shower, the broken geometry with that curvy oval bathtub, and the fluffing-it-all-up with all those white towels!

The traditional bathroom furniture in the standalone tub and classic two-legged basin, the glass bubble visual divider, that oversized floor mirror, and the expensive touch of a velvet bench

This bathroom is not very big in dimensions, but nicely and comfortably fits all the elements… I like the grey mosaic backsplash, the modern furniture and fixtures, the frosted glass toilet partition, and those hardwood floors…

The surface combination of red exposed brick, brown mosaic, smooth plain white, metal, and hardwood… all softened up with white towels in every corner… I think there is no such a thing as too much towels in a bathroom!

The small bathroom suites basin and the wall-to-wall shower, against a contrast of black-tiled and plain white walls

The shiny surfaced brownish subway tiles against the expensive white marbles and mosaic floors… That spacious inviting shower attached to the just-as-inviting bathtub

Bathroom furniture via

Bathroom images via Pinterest


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