Bathroom stuff

February 28, 2012

So my new project is to design a whole apartment from scratch for a super adorable new couple and so far I’m enjoying every bit of it! Right now I’m working on the bathrooms as I gotta get a few things finalized for pipefitting work. I’ve been looking around recently for bathroom furniture and here are a few things I’ve been contemplating..

First of all, my vision is to keep things timeless through clean, simple, and modern elements. So for the washbasins, I like the functionality of bathroom cabinets and the warm feel of oak bathroom furniture as long as they’re on the modern and simple side. Something like:

With counter space wings on both sides…

Or with no counter space, in which case I could probably add a thin shelf between the basin and the wall mirror..

Or this, which should work great in a smaller bathroom area..

I’m contemplating whether I should get the cabinets or save some $$$ with counter-top basins like the ones below. To sit on either a marble top, or a custom-made concrete-built-in counter with tempered glass top..

For the toilet I just bought a couple that look very much like those matched with their bathroom suites bidets. On the modern side with very clean lines, and attached top to bottom to the wall to avoid that awkward-to-clean gap on the back of the more traditional models..

Stay tuned for more on this project!

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