Great outdoors

June 22, 2010

It’s officially summer time! .. and for those of you in better weather climates (it’s over a 100 degrees out here!!) summer equals time for outdoor lunches and dinner parties.. Yaaaay! I hope you enjoy the season with these simple but stunning ambiance creation ideas by Cox & Cox..

First off, here is an easy any day DIY outdoor lighting solution for your garden. All you need is fire-retardant paper lantern bags (available in this pretty star punched design at Cox & Cox), some gravel to weigh them down and tea lights ..

Or fly your lanterns up in the sky with these charms… Just light the paper at the bottom of these amazing outdoor paper flying lanterns and watch them soar into the sky (Great for wedding parties!)

Enjoy your outdoor meals without being interrupted by the mossies with these delicate little terracotta pots. They contain citronella wax candles that provide a pretty light while keeping mosquitos away!

You can now store the morning sunlight in a jar so you can use it at night with this great solar-powered jar lamp that comes with a solar cell, a battery and LED lights. It’s waterproof and, once charged, remains lit for 5 hours!

More elegant ideas to lighten and brighten up your trees:

and lastly, keep your tablecloth in place by attaching these exclusive, twinkling glass droplets to its corners.. (I know this one’s nothing to do with lighting but I just couldn’t resist!!)

4 Responses to “Great outdoors”

  1. Shaima Says:

    Love it (Y)

  2. kate Says:

    Hi, where are the tablecloth clips from?!


  3. Lisa DeCarlo Says:

    Sky lanterns are dangerous arial litter. They can cause fires and when they land, which they eventually do, they can harm wildlife. The same is true for releasing balloons. Wildlife gets tangled in the strings and sea life will eat them which sometimes causes a slow agonizing death. There are many better ways to celebrate weddings and to honor loved ones.

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