Today VP is hosting a luscious velvety guest post by Joanna, a writer for Arcadian Lighting.. Enjoy!

Hi. I’m Joanna, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a terrific source for quality light fixtures. I spend my days finding beautiful images and writing about the rooms and furnishings they depict. Today, I bring you lots of lovely velvet, which is by far my favorite fabric. The way light dances on its lovely texture gives a sophisticated feel to most any room.
Traditionally associated with nobility, velvet has a long history dating back to the fourteenth century. Today, it is accessible to everyone in a variety of fibers including silk which is the most expensive, linen, wool and cotton. There is no better way to add a luxurious feel to a room than with a sumptuous touch of velvet. It looks beautiful, whether covering a sofa or applied to the shade of a table lamp. We love it in rich hues, adding pops of color to a room.

Velvet Color Ceiling Light

This chesterfield sofa covered in a sophisticated gray velvet invites you to curl up with a good book or nap away the afternoon underneath a gorgeous ceiling light.

Velvet Color

An unexpected avocado green sofa plays nicely in this eclectic living room. While the velvet sofa is the biggest source of color in the room, the color is picked up nicely by the vibrantly hued rug.

Velvet Color Sofa

A traditional tufted sofa in peacock blue velvet brightens a contemporary living room. Light from lamps behind the sofa enhance the velvet’s brilliant hue.

Velvet Color Armchair

Bright pink velvet covers a feminine slipper chair, which is the only touch of color in an otherwise white room.

Velvet Color Chair

A velvet with a trellis design covers a traditional wingback chair, softening its austere lines. The pop of orange is a great finishing touch.

Velvet Color Bedroom

A tufted headboard and two stools in a bright fuchsia add crisp color to this white bedroom.

Velvet Color Lighting Fixture

A bed covered head to foot in a pink velvet is an interesting touch against the zig zag pattern of the rug and the purple of the walls. Velvet looks even more beautiful in the glow from the perfect bedroom lighting fixture—a gorgeous chandelier.

Velvet Color Pillows

What isn’t to love about this picture? A French chaise lounge covered in a deep woodsy colored velvet is the perfect backdrop for richly hued velvet pillows.
Velvet adds great texture to a room. Paired with a unique pendant light or wall sconce, you can completely transform the mood of your room and make it pop! If you were inspired to add more pops of color to your home, feel free to check out Arcadian Lighting blog for more decorating and lighting ideas. Thanks for reading!
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